Bashful Calf

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Bashful Calf

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  • Suitable Ages: All Ages
  • Dimensions: 13" L x 10" W x 4" H
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One little squeeze of this Bashful Calf, and you"ll immediately understand why these bunnies are considered the epitome of what a gift for children of all ages looks like. With long, super soft arms and legs, this calf is perfect for wee ones to hold onto, and never want to let go! They've also been known to comfort just about everyone else - from babies, toddlers, and children to tweens, teens and adults, one squeeze, and you're hooked. Oh! And parents/grandparents, we've discovered kids love these little critters so much, you might consider investing in a duplicate, as we've found it's not worth the stress, worry (and yes, tantrums) if the first one mysteriously goes missing (you know - left in the restaurant, tossed out a moving car window...). Medium: 12"H


dimensions: 13x10x4