Paper Laundry Bag


Paper Laundry Bag

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  • Suitable Ages: All Ages
  • Dimensions: 13" W x 13" D x 18" H
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This bag is made of washable paper has a drawstring closure in colored organic linen produced in Tuscany that can hold clothes, shoes, toys, and more.

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This soft, yet resileient, bag is made of washable paper and has a drawstring closure in colored organic linen produced in Tuscany that can hold clothes, shoes, toys, and more.

It can be washed like fabric, but holds its form so it can be used over and over again, promoting sustainability.The manufacturing process is similar to leather as the paper is stretched and tanned, making it durable to withstand washing and daily use.

Available in three colors: Dark Grey, Oliva (Olive), and Grey

More to the Story

Uashmama (pronounced wash-mama) is a family business based in Tuscany offering everyday essentials, including home, body and wear collections.

The mother, Emanuela, is the inspiration for the brand as Uashmama is named after the iconic Italian mother who takes care of the children and the home. The project began when Emanuela started selling the first paper bags in her shop, Le Sorelle. The father, Marco, is the creative mind. He has the knowledge, gained from his family's many generations in the footwear industry combined with the skills from handcrafted production processes. Combined with his experience in the old world tradition of design and manufacturing, he utilizes new technologies to create signature products for Uashmama. Le Sorelle (the sisters), are Chiara, Giulia Gemma, and Gaia. Each sister has a unique talent that is vital to the daily operations of the family business.


This laundry bag is 13" W x 13" D x 18" H

Safety & Care

Made from 100% organic basic paper.

Hand wash, soak in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and reshape before drying. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

Do not leave wet laundry in the bag. 

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