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Mighty Kind Kids Magazine | Home Issue

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  • Suitable Ages: 5+
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Baseball players run toward it, we’re all quarantined in it, and they say there’s no place sweeter! In Issue 5, we’re talking about home. 

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Home means something a little bit different to each one of us and yet there’s something universal about it. In this issue, we’ll explore the idea of home as a physical structure as we take a tour of traditional homes all around the world. We’ll explore home as a feeling with a story about an unhoused girl who finds a sense of belonging somewhere else. We’ll explore home as a place as we learn to find our home on a map, and draw our own hometown maps. 

And there’s more! In our Culture section, we’ll introduce you to the Indigenous peoples who call Turtle Island (North America) home. In the “Big Idea” section, where we devote pages to critical thinking and self-development, we discover the importance of compassion. And we’ll show you how to put those skills to work in the “Service” section with a project to help unhoused neighbors. 

Grown-ups: You will find companion articles from parenting coach Marwa Abdelfattah and an interview with designer Joy Cho. We hope you’ll take this one home with you!

Cover art by Ryan Pooman


The Mighty Kind Kids Magazine Home Issue has a soft-touch matte cover stock, measures 10.25" L x 8.25" W, and is 64 pages long.

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