Pencil Terrarium


Pencil Terrarium

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  • Suitable Ages: 6+
  • Dimensions: 8" L x 1" W
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Created with the environment in mind, these glass pencil terrariums were designed to make the packaging as functional as the pencils inside.

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Created with the environment in mind, these glass pencil terrariums were designed to make the packaging as functional as the pencils inside. Each set includes five patterned pencils, and comes in a variety of themes inspired by nature. Turn the glass tube into a dreamy tiny terrarium, encapsulate nature, use as a vase, or for propagating your plant pretties.

Choose from these different themes:

  • Greenhouse Mix - a mix of different patterned pencils
  • Herb - White with light and deep green patterns inspired by herb gardens
  • Garden Mix - a mix of different garden patterned pencils
  • Tea Garden - Yellow with different herbs inspired by herbal teas
  • Butterfly Garden - White with a beautiful butterfly pattern
  • Veggie Garden - Light blue with patterns inspired by homegrown vegetables
  • Fluttery Mix - a mix of different butterfly patterned pencils
  • Fireflies - Dark blue with firefly pattern

More to the Story

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These pencils come in a glass vase that measures 8" L x 1" W.

Safety & Care

The vase is made of glass and comes with sharpened number 2 pencils.

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